My name is Lee Billingham and I am the artist who runs this website. I am a forty-three year old artist who started painting in Sept 2008.
I like to think that I can offer something a little outside the norm. I concentrate mainly on Popular Art or Pop Art as it is sometimes referred to. I paint celebrities from TV, Film, Music and Sport. I also paint portraits. I also paint Horror movie tie-ins and Serial Killers.
If you cant find what youre looking for or anything that takes your fancy, you can contact me in the via e-mail in the contact section. I do commissions (see commissions section). Whether it be Marilyn Monroe fishing, Boris Becker driving a London bus or Brad Pitt as a ballerina, I am open to suggestions. As an example, I will be working on a piece with the characters from TVs "Lost" at Christs supper table, which will be entitled "The Lost Supper" and will feature 13 of the series main characters depicted in Da Vinci's famous painting.
I use professional oils on 100% cotton canvas or linen. I usually put down an acrylic base. All my oils are mixed with professional grade purified linseed oil to stop the lighter colours yellowing or the paint cracking over time. To further enhance the longevity of the paintings I coat them twice with professional oil colour varnish.
All my work is 100% hand-painted and I do not make copies or prints of my work as I believe in someone owning that one genuine piece, which makes it a little more special. All work is signed and dated by myself. I will make a print of a painting if specially requested, in any size or format, including boxed canvas prints, which will look the same as the original.
Please feel free to browse the site and if youbuy anything from me please leave any comments that you want to or feel you need to, whether good or bad, in the customer reviews section.
This is a new venture and the quality and quantity of the work will improve over time. Thanks for looking and remember if you have any suggestions or questions then feel free to contact me.